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Tabernanthe iboga seeds are fresh and should be sown on arrival, they may have even started to germinate in transit. If they have been sent in moist coco peat (brown stuff) you can also leave them in the bag until they germinate (if they haven’t already) in an ambient (20-30ºC) position inside your house. Buy iboga seeds online

Tabernanthe iboga seeds

Sow Tabernanthe iboga seed 10-15mm under the surface of a quality seed raising mix. Peeling a part of the brown seed coat off each end of the seed to just expose the white embryo has in our experience hastened seed emergence and ability to slough off the seed coat (but is not necessary). Keep Tabernanthe iboga seeds moist and warm until germination (2-8 weeks). Ours are averaging 4 weeks until emergence at high summer temperatures (max 30-35º, min 20ºC).

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Likes a part shade position (50%) with rich soil and good drainage. Give regular applications of both liquid and solid fertilizer over summer. Likes a lot of root space, pot up regularly when you notice white roots coming out of the drainage holes. Keep in a warmer area over winter months, and also keep more dry.


iboga may eventually grow into a small tree up to 10 m tall, given the right conditions. The flowers are yellowish-white or pink and followed by a fruit, orange at maturity, that may be either globose or fusiform. Ibogaine is derived from Tabernanthe iboga, a shrub indigenous to Central-West Africa. The iboga shrub a member of the family Apocynaceae (order Contortae), is typically found in the undergrowth of tropical forests. The Bwiti’s botanical sacrament, Tabernanthe iboga, is a bush that grows small, edible orange fruit that are tasteless and sticky. Under optimum conditions, iboga can grow into a tree that rises forty feet high.

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