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Iboga solution is a company based in Canada. We have dozens of Iboga plants hectares in 5 African countries and we are currently establishing new farms here in Canada with our improved Iboga seed that can be cultivated in Europe and parts of Nord America. We also have a large chain of suppliers from some local farmers in Africa so as to meet up the increasing demand for this Products. We have two streams of Customers, the first is those who use it for rituals and the second is those who use it to fight addiction. 

About Iboga and Ibogaine

Ibogaine is the psychoactive alkaloid from the root bark of the African bush Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. In recent years, the knowledge of the ability of Ibogaine has increasingly grown on how to break drug and alcohol addiction. Scientific studies also show that a single administration of Ibogaine can significantly reduce or even remove symptoms of withdrawal. Furthermore, reports and research shows that the desire for the preferred drug(s) are eliminated for either a long period, or permanently.

Studies endorse that Ibogaine has considerable potential in the treatment of hard drug addiction such as heroin, methadone, cocaine, crack and alcohol. There are also indications that it is useful in the treatment of tobacco addiction. Ibogaine also offers opportunities as psychotherapy or spiritual teacher. In the field of psychotherapy, Ibogaine can be used as a treatment for the effects of trauma or conditioning.

The difference between Ibogaine and Iboga root bark is that the root bark alkaloids, contain and include the Ibogaine Tabernanthe from the Iboga root. Ibogaine however merely contains scientifically recognized alkaloid with the known actions.

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